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  Uli Rossbach,

born 1964 in Cologne/ Germany,

fine furnituremaker since 1988 and

european master cabinettmaker since 1991.

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During my professional career I was able to discover three countries Germany, Ireland and France

These years allowed me to gather skills in a lot of different areas of the woodworking trade: from the design, the drawing and conceptional work up to the manufacturing of furniture, carpentry, fitting, stairs construction, furniture restauration, woodturning, sculpturing, finishing and varnishing up to training of apprentices.


It is the creative aspect of my trade that interests me the most...

The first contact with the clients and his ideas, wishes and projects leads to the developping of the idea.

with sketching, drawing and modelling the idea becomes more and more visual to be finally presented back to the client as a technical computerized drawing or a photorealistic image.  Calculationsand quotes are defining the project.

After mutual agreement follows the most exciting time of real construction of the furniture. Beginning with choosing the timber, spending hours on craft and machine work, the jointing, sanding, assembling. Finally it is the careful finishing that brings out the beauty of the unique and personalized piece.


professional career

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  • 2011 member of Ateliers d'Art de France
  • 2009 member of a professional association for the promotion of contemporary furnituredesign Ebénistes Créateurs de Bretagne
  • 2008 opening of my company Atelier Koad Bras
  • 2006 training in DAO/ AUTOCAD
  • 7 years of experiences in self-employment, management
  • 12 ans of experience of employment in different woodworking companies
  • 1989-91  participation in a tripartite project of master examination in France, Ireland and Germany. 
  • 1985-88 apprenticeship in a  woodworking company in Cologne in Germany.